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The awareness campaign on compliance with barrier measures taken against the Coronavirus must be strengthened


Aug 6, 2021

GITEGA August 6th (ABP) – The heads of public, para-public and private services as well as representatives of religious denominations and civil society organizations are called upon to strengthen the awareness of the people on strict compliance with preventive measures taken against coronavirus during this period when there is an increase in cases tested positive in Gitega province (central Burundi).

That appeal was made on Wednesday by the governor of Gitega, Mr. Venant Manirambona, along with the administrator of the Gitega commune, Dr. Jacques Nduwimana and the director of the Provincial Health Office (BPS) in Gitega, Dr. Toyi Salvator, for those responsible for the different sectors working in that province.

Governor Manirambona calls for the responsibility of everyone and officials at all levels in the popularization of messages of mobilization of the people on strict compliance with barrier measures, especially at this time when the province is experiencing an increase in positive cases of the Coronavirus in certain quarters of the town of Gitega, and even in rural communes.

Positive cases are seen in households, services and communities, he said. People of different categories are thus invited to rigorously respect the barrier measures taken against Covid-19, which must be fought on a daily basis, as advocated by the Head of State of Burundi.

The governor of Gitega deplored the slackness observed in many people in respecting the barrier measures against that pandemic. This is noticed, in particular, by the negligence of washing hands before entering public places, the resumption of greetings by shaking hands and kisses, non-distancing during gatherings, and neglect of the wearing of masks in public transport vehicles. He invited officials from different sectors to widely popularize preventive measures against the coronavirus, especially regular hand washing with soap and water, or sanitizers. He also insisted on social distancing, the ban on greetings by shaking hands or hugs, and the ban on late-night parties in nightclubs and through karaoke music. People should also break with the habits of sharing drinks on the same bottle, the same glass and the same blowtorch.

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The director of the BPS in Gitega presented the state of the evolution of the Coronavirus in Gitega province, where he deplored the significant evolution of cases since mid-July 2021. The statistics recorded on July 24, 2021 show that out of 531 cases of people examined, there were 106 positive cases of the Coronavirus, while on July 18, 5 positive cases were found out of 85 people tested. Previously there were fewer positive cases. On July 5, they had diagnosed 2 positive cases of Covid-19 out of 94 examined, while on June 26, they had found 6 positive cases of Covid-19 out of 137 people tested. On June 19, 18 positive cases out of 152 examined had been tested.

Those higher positive cases are observed in the health district of Mutaho, particularly in the site of the displaced persons of Mutaho, in Muririmbo village, in the religious community of Gitongo and in Masango village, the director of the BPS said. The Gitega health district is also recording an increase in cases tested positive for Covid-19, particularly in the Musinzira, Rango and Nyabiharage districts. Positive cases are also noted in other neighborhoods, such as Shatanya, Nyabututsi, Zege, Nyabisindu, Bwoga and Musave, he said. Positive cases of the coronavirus are also observed in rural communes, such as Mutaho, Bukirasazi, Gishubi and Itaba, the governor of Gitega said.

To block the path to the spread of this pandemic, Governor Manirambona and the director of the BPS invited officials to ensure a large mobilization of the people on strict compliance with barrier measures against the Coronavirus.

The head of the Gitega Health District, Dr Jean de Dieu Havyarimana, invited anyone who feels symptoms of the Coronavirus, such as fever, headache, sore throat and nose, muscle pain, loss of smell and diarrhea, in a few rare cases, to get tested for Covid-19 as soon as possible. Cases tested positive are called upon to respect the advice of doctors in favor of their health and to avoid contamination of others.