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The French Institute is delighted to have contributed to the organization of the Marahaba music expo festival


Aug 3, 2021

BUJUMBURA August 3rd (ABP) – The French Institute is determined to invest in bringing Burundi’s culture to life. This was said on Friday July 30 by its delegate director Jean-Yves Carnino, who was at the football pitch of the Kinama zone in the Ntahangwa commune where the Marahaba music expo festival took place.

According to Mr. Carnino, the French Institute’s mission is to promote culture in several countries.

“We are the partners in the organization of this Marahaba music expo festival, which is in its 3rd edition in Africa and 2nd edition internationally”. The 1st edition was held in 2019, while in 2020 the Marahaba music expo festival was done locally, Mr. Carnino said.

The French Institute is delighted to have helped in the realization of that festival which took place at the same time at the Kinama football pitch and at the French Institute of Burundi, said Mr. Carnino, adding that other partners like the French Institute in Paris, Brarudi, the company Sogea Satom, Akeza and Ingoma have contributed a lot to that organization.

The French Institute thanks the Bujumbura City Council for authorizing the organization of that great event and the Red Cross for ensuring health security, said its delegate director, stressing that the field of music is in the spotlight, just like those of the cinema and the theater.

Mr. Carnino said that this festival saw the participation of Burundian artists and those from Belgium, Holland, Cameroon and other countries.

In addition, the Marahaba music expo festival is one of 20 festivals in Africa which are recognized worldwide, according to Mr. Carnino.