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The Minister in charge of Education launched the training of teachers for the 2nd basic year


Aug 3, 2021

GITEGA August 3rd (ABP) – The Minister of Education and Scientific Research, Mr François Havyarimana, launched on Monday at the Christ Roi Technical High School in Gitega, the training courses, organized in all the communes of Burundi, for teachers of the 2nd basic year, directors and teachers responsible for basic schools.

Those two-week training courses for teachers and four days for directors and responsible teachers aim to build the capacities of participants so that they can make the new program of the 2nd basic year their own and therefore have a background sufficient to deliver this new program.

The expected result is that the 2nd year students can improve their knowledge and advance with a level allowing them to follow the 3rd year program well, he stressed.

In that very context of successfully implementing this 2nd year reform, the Minister in charge of Education specified that they will make available at the beginning of next year 2021/2022 around 550,000 books for students and 10,000 books for teachers.

The number of teachers expected for that training is 8,000 who teach in the 2nd year, the directors are estimated at 690 and the responsible teachers at 3,000.

Dr Havyarimana took the opportunity to ask the provincial and communal directors to verify whether the teachers who participate in the training courses are really those who teach in the 2nd year. He warned the directors who would have committed cheating at the registration level, stressing that they will be punished by the necessary measures.

Mr. Havyarimana invited the teachers who participate in those trainings to follow them with interest in order to have sufficient background allowing them to implement the reform of the 2nd basic year from the beginning of the next school year.