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Nyabikere communal administrator has visited irrigated fields


Aug 3, 2021

KARUSI August 3rd (ABP) – Agriculture by irrigation in watersheds and the targeting of irrigable land have become a reality in Nyabikere commune of Karusi province (central-eastern Burundi), as affirmed by communal administrator Claudine Murekerisoni, after a visit she paid on Thursday July 29 to the Butamenwa site.

Over an area of ​​more or less than two hectares, crops of peas, cauliflowers and other vegetables litter the watershed and Butamenwa swamp where farmers have understood and practiced gravity irrigation.

Satisfied with the results of the various awareness campaigns on that lucrative practice, Mrs. Murekerisoni is now targeting other sites to be irrigated. All zones of her commune must find at least two demonstration sites, she pledged.