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The NGO Réseau Burundi 2000 Plus intends to perpetuate its project


Jul 31, 2021

KARUSI July 31st (ABP) – From the implementation of a project to its sustainability, this is the principle of the NGO Réseau Burundi 2000 Plus, according to the national coordinator, Mr Charles Bigirindavyi. Mr Bigirindavyi expressed himself on Wednesday July 28, 2021 during the closing of the Restoration, Protection and Sustainable Use of the forest system project “Nyambika ngukingire” (Cover me and I will protect you in turn) at the Nkati site of Mujenjwa village in Shombo commune where the governor of Karusi, Mrs. Calinie Mbarushimana and the communal administrators launched the agroforestry nursery campaign.

First of all, the project had its particularity to take care of unemployed young people, announced the governor Mrs. Calinie Mbarushimana in her speech of thank-you to the organization which did a commendable job within a period not exceeding one year. Returning to the axes of the project, the national coordinator pointed out that 1000 unemployed young people from the six communes except that of Gitaramuka were trained and supervised in the installation of nurseries, the bagging by use of banana leaves, the reforestation itself, weeding and the installation of firebreaks.

Global reforestation of 345 ha has taken place and more than 600,000 eucalyptus, caliandra, plum and greveria plants have been established. As those young people were paid, they testify that some took the opportunity to continue their university studies; others bought plots, and others invested in livestock or trade.

Teamed up in associations, the groups carry out various activities such as the multiplication of seedlings in nurseries, the manufacture of improved charcoal and the manufacture of improved stoves for sales. Note that the Réseau Burundi 2000 Plus has built sheds for the storage of coal and the marketing of improved stoves per commune.

Governor Mbarushimana, who has promised firm support to the beneficiaries of the project as well as to the NGO Réseau Burundi 2000 Plus, asks for taking ownership of the achievements.