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Political parties are called on to do battle with the language differences towards government initiatives


Aug 2, 2021

GITEGA August 2nd (ABP) – The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior, Community Development and Public Security, Mr. Martín Ninteretse, deplored the language differences maintained by certain political parties in particular regarding the demolition policy of anarchic constructions and the pooling of arable land.

Mr Ninteretse expressed his indignation in a meeting which brought together, on July 30, 2021, the leaders of the approved political parties and all the governors of the provinces of the country, in Gitega (center), the political capital of the country.

Faced with the measures to destroy all the constructions erected in the public right-of-way, Mr. Ninteretse said that some politicians in bad faith are talking about the uprising of the people, making the public believe that the government wants to harm economically people who built the infrastructure. However, he indicated by proceeding in this way: “the government only wants to build a rule of law”, before specifying that the measures to demolish the anarchic constructions are aimed at the development of the country. He indicated that the release of such infrastructure will soon allow the construction of a modern road connecting the economic capital Bujumbura to the political capital Gitega.

Those people of poor faith attack, moreover, the initiative of the government aimed at sensitizing the people on the pooling of land to facilitate agricultural supervision and hence, increase in production. They also attack the policy of establishing village cooperatives, abusively arguing that they benefit the activists of the ruling party,” he regretted. Mr. Ninteretse explained that the government has put a sum of ten million Burundi francs in each cooperative; hence he explained that any Burundian citizen has the right to join a cooperative without any consideration.

As for the militants of a party, zealous, who would like to exclude the militants of the other political parties, the leader of the forum of the political parties, Mr. Félicien Nkenguburundi, took exception to their behavior. He indicated that no one should be excluded, arguing that the start-up funds for the said cooperatives, namely 10 million Burundi francs, come from the public treasury and not from that of any political party. Therefore, village cooperatives are the heritage of all sons and daughters of the country, he concluded.