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Popularization of the social protection code for military and police officers in the center-east of the country


Jul 31, 2021

GITEGA July 31st (ABP) – Military and police officers in the central-eastern region of the country deplored, among other things, the poor quality of reception of the staff of the public service mutual (MFP) to its affiliates and the slowness of the staff of the National Social Security Institute (INSS) in issuing medical acts to victims who have suffered claims. The said officers expressed those shortcomings during a workshop to disseminate the social protection code organized for them by the ministry responsible for social affairs, on July 28, 2021, in Gitega, the political capital of the country (center). For the participants in the workshop, the reception of the staff of the MFP to the affiliates leaves something to be desired, thus deploring that this bad behavior is another evil added to the one which the patient in search of medicines suffers.

As for the INSS, they indicated that the doctors take lightly the concerns of the patients who attend them, giving, as an indication, the case of a police officer who has just spent more than a year without the doctors of that institute do not make interventions to him while his health is very precarious. In addition, the workshop participants recommended the decentralization of the biometric card issuance service of the MFP to facilitate access to that service for affiliates living in the interior of the country.

However, the participants appreciated the content of the new code, touching, by way of example, the provisions relating to the improvement of the living conditions of retirees.

The permanent executive secretary of the National Social Protection Commission, Mr. Arcade Nimubona, said that the above code also ruled on the cases of people working in the informal sector. Finally, he said that such workshops will be extended to all military and police regions of the country. The executives of the MFP and those of the INSS present in that workshop promised to invest themselves in remedying the shortcomings blamed on their institutions.