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Two people including a village administrative official have been arrested


Jul 29, 2021

RUMONGE July 29th (ABP) – Two people, including a village administrative official in Mutambara, have been arrested since the morning of Tuesday July 27 for having cut down trees planted within six meters of the road, along the RN3 on the Mutambara part, a check by ABP revealed.

According to Mr. Jérémie Bizimana, the administrator of Rumonge commune (south-western Burundi), investigations will continue to identify anyone involved in that affair.

That communal authority deplores that uncontrolled deforestation while there is an environmental protection program via the “Ewe Burundi urambaye” project. He specifies that only anarchic constructions are concerned by the demolition measure, and that the trees must be protected.

Regarding the measure to destroy the houses built anarchically, Mr. Bizimana asks the holders of title deeds who have respected the limits set up by the administration not to start the demolition, but rather to wait for other measures to be taken.