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Accidental fire has caused damage in Kinyami village


Jul 22, 2021

NGOZI Jul 21 (ABP) – An accidental fire broke out on Tuesday July 20 in Kinyami village of Ngozi commune and province (northern Burundi).

It was reported that a house caught fire; two pigs were completely charred and kitchen utensils were damaged. The intervention of neighbors made it possible to limit the damage.

According to Mr. Salvator Nimubona, the head of the household, the fire started around noon from the pig stable. The origin would be a sparkling coal thrown by a child in the stable which quickly caught fire, taking away the dwelling house adjoining the stable.

The leader of Kinyami village, Mr. Nestor Ndikumana, who quickly rushed to the scene, warns the people. He insisted on more vigilance during this dry period, especially with regard to fires.

Houses being burnt are frequently reported in the town of Ngozi. In most cases, these are poor electrical installations that cause short circuits in residential homes.