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Evaluation of the achievements of the past year in the Ministry of the Interior, Community Development and Public Security


Jul 14, 2021

NGOZI July 14th (ABP) – The Minister of the Interior, Community Development and Public Security, Mr. Gervais Ndirakobuca, hosted on Tuesday July 12, in Ngozi province (northern Burundi), an evaluation meeting of the ministry’s achievements during the past year.

In his speech, Minister Ndirakobuca indicated that his ministry has, on the whole, worked very well, although there have been many imperfections. He thanked the provinces of Karusi and Gitega which have been the best in implementing the government policy to increase maize production.

Muramvya province was congratulated for being the first to implement the ministry’s injunctions concerning the return to order and the respect for the law. Muramvya, in fact, swept all the neighborhoods of the roads which had been monopolized by individuals who built kiosks and other personal infrastructure there, which significantly reduced the cases of accidents on the roads.

Minister Ndirakobuca criticized the behavior of certain administrative authorities who abuse in the implementation of the measure of demolition of infrastructures built anarchically in public perimeters that the owners have illegally attributed to themselves. The other sector congratulated is the police force for bringing order and security, especially in Rumonge, Bururi and Mwaro provinces. Minister Ndirakobuca congratulated himself on having won the bet of discouraging and even eradicating the illicit trade, especially that of loincloths. He took the opportunity to thank the Cibitoke and Makamba provinces which have significantly contributed in this fight.

Among the main priorities of the government, the fight against the manufacture, marketing and consumption of prohibited drinks has also been a success, said Mr. Ndirakobuca, noting that Mwaro province has provided a lot of efforts in that fight.

On that occasion, he requested more involvement, efficiency and dedication for the development of the people and the country.

Regarding taxes and duties of the districts, he said that it is a file that he considers very important, given that it is a concern of the government of Burundi. The participants thus followed a projection on the increase in taxes recorded since the start of the witness campaign for the collection of municipal taxes and duties in March 2021. Referring to the months of March, April, May and June 2020, there was an increase in taxes of more than 6,179,928,761 BIF for the same period of March, April, May and June 2021. For example, the Bujumbura City Council recorded a difference of more than 1.742 billion Burundi francs. The provinces which performed very well remain Bujumbura-Mairie, followed by Rumonge, Gitega, Ngozi, and so forth.

Minister Ndirakobuca asked the district administrators to continue on the same path and correctly collect the revenues. That meeting was attended by senior officials of the ministry, provincial governors as well as administrators of the various districts of the country.