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The First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly participated in the works of drawing the contour lines and sowing maize


Jul 19, 2021

GITEGA July 19th (ABP) – National Assembly First Deputy Speaker Sabine Ntakarutimana continued her tour on Thursday in Gitega province (central Burundi) where she joined the people from Muremera village in Giheta commune in the works of drawing the contour lines. She also joined the farmers of the Ruguzwe swamp in Mutaho commune in the works of sowing maize in block.

Mrs. Ntakarutimana continued her working visit on Thursday to Muremera village, Nyabunyovu sub-village of Giheta commune where she joined the people in the contour drawing works. She was in the company of parliamentarians elected in that constituency, provincial political and administrative authorities, communal authorities (Top-down), and some officials from the Ministry of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock and those from other development sectors.

In his welcome speech, the governor of Gitega province, Mr. Venant Manirambona, addressed his thanks to the 1st deputy speaker for that gesture of encouragement to the people to the works of setting up anti-erosion methods of paramount importance in protecting the environment and increasing production.

In her speech, Mrs. Ntakarutimana congratulated the people for their massive participation in those works of drawing contour lines which serve in the protection of crops against erosion and therefore play a capital role for the increase in farming production. She then invited the people to sow, along the contour lines, the grasses used as pasture. She explained that those pastures will be of great importance in implementing permanent livestock stabling.

                                                                         Mrs Ntakarutimana is addressing the people

She encouraged the farmers to continue the contour drawing works and promote block cultivation as recommended by the responsible and hard-working government. Crops in block facilitate timely monitoring and interventions, Mrs. Ntakarutimana said. She took that opportunity to deny the subversive remarks which make believe that block cultivation would intend to withdraw cultivable lands from their owners. The pooling of land has no other interest than working in synergy and increasing production, she said.

The First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly also invited farmers to get involved in the preparation for sowing for the next agricultural season.

Mrs. Ntakarutimana and her delegation continued the trip to the vast Ruguzwe swamp with an area of ​​more than 30 ha where farmers from the Muririmbo and Muyange villages grow maize in block.

She did not forget to invite the various leaders and the people to ensure the maintenance of peace and security which constitute the pillar of development.