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Towards the involvement of the parliament to suspend the liquor “Karibu” and its misdeeds in society


Jul 15, 2021

GITEGA July 15th (ABP) – The First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Mrs. Sabine Ntakarutimana, has promised to bring to the attention of that prestigious institution the negative impacts of the liquor “Karibu” on society with a view to remedy the situation.

She made that reaction following the grievances expressed by both administrative and police officials during a meeting that she organized on Tuesday July 13 for the heads of public and private services working in Gitega province (central Burundi). The goal was to talk with them on the missions entrusted to parliamentarians and subsequently collect their opinions and considerations in light of their concerns.

“Karibu liquor, although it is legally recognized, causes serious harm to both consumers and society,” more than one of the meeting participants reported. We observe the weakening of the health of men consuming this liquor to the point that the work formerly devolved to men is currently carried out by a female workforce, the chief of staff of the provincial governor revealed.

As for the police representative, he called on lawmakers to stay on that issue, arguing that the “Karibu” drink is consumed mainly, and at a disturbing pace, by a producing people of the country. He pleaded for their protection.

                                                                                             View of the meeting participants

The meeting participants proposed either raising the price of that liquor to limit its access or outright prohibiting its production, marketing and consumption on Burundian soil.

Touched by the harmful effects of this drink, the First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly has let it be known that she will very soon share that grievance with the other MPs in order remedy the situation.

In addition, the consumption of the drug known as “booster” was also a subject of debate, and it was deplored that the law does not punish this offense at the height of its gravity.

Mrs. Ntakarutimana sensitized the heads of services on the government’s unwavering support in its policy of mobilizing the people in cooperatives, protecting the environment and pooling land holdings to increase production. She urged the meeting participants to be characterized by leadership, good governance, solidarity and exemplarity in attendance at work.