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UEBB has organized a workshop to increase production using the RIPAT approach


Jul 14, 2021

KAYANZA July 14th (ABP) – The Union of Baptist Churches of Burundi (UEBB) has been organizing a 9-day workshop since Monday July 5 for the staff of the Provincial Office of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (BPEAE) as well as the staff of the Dutabarane and Dukore 2 projects.

That workshop aims to increase production via the RIPAT (Rural Initiatives for Participatory Agriculture Transformation) approach in the Gatara and Kabarore communes where the Dukore 2 project is being implemented, a check by ABP revealed.

During an interview with the check by ABP, the coordinator of the Dukore 2 project, Mr. Eric Makarakiza, indicated that RIPAT appears to be a very effective agricultural extension approach, playing a relay role between research centers, researchers who develop new techniques and farmers who need them in their daily activities.

He indicated that the beneficiaries will learn new agricultural techniques which will allow the increase of production in the districts of Gatara and Kabarore. In addition, RIPAT will help in raising community awareness through new techniques and the beneficiaries will therefore change mentalities in order to increase production and enrich themselves through that new approach.

On his part, the officer in charge of monitoring activities within the BPEAE, Mr. Félicien Bitangimana, indicated that RIPAT will help the people to increase agriculture and livestock production. “The project is designed in such a way that the beneficiaries will undoubtedly change mentalities through techniques related to the increase in production. Whatever the surface areas of the fields, small they may be, they will be exploited with the RIPAT approach”.

Mr. Bitangimana therefore asks the beneficiaries to warmly welcome the said approach and to apply all the techniques that are part of that approach in order to achieve the goal set.