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The 2020-2021 achievements report deserves a very excellent mention, according to the Minister in charge of National Solidarity


Jul 13, 2021

GITEGA July 12th (ABP) – The Minister of National Solidarity, Social Affairs, Human Rights and Gender, Mrs. Imelde Sabushimike, gave a very excellent rating (99.46%) with regard to achievements of her ministry, during the year 2020/2021. She made that assessment on Thursday, July 8, 2021, during a statement she made to the press on “the great achievements of the ministry in her charge” during the aforementioned period. The ministry carries out activities through three fundamental axes, said Mrs. Sabushimike, based in particular on social protection, the promotion of human rights, the empowerment of women and gender equality.

Speaking on social protection, she delivered a range of achievements including, among other things, assistance to 25,613 vulnerable patients, 97,918 households and other disaster victims as well as support to 72 associations and centers for people with disabilities in income-generating activities. She added that 56,090 households benefited from cash transfers through the Merankabandi social safety net project.

In terms of socioeconomic reintegration, Minister Sabushimike referred to the reintegration of 1,722 street children into their families and the assistance of 2,741 households affected by the Gatumba floods in food and non-food items as well as in cash transfers, at the rate of 30,000 BIF per household.

With regard to the promotion of human rights, she highlighted the creation in schools of 98 human rights clubs with a total of 3,076 members. As for the promotion of women and gender, Minister Sabushimike pointed out the construction of a center of excellence for the promotion, information and research on gender-based violence and the establishment of centers of care for victims of such violence. The dynamism and hard work of the operational staff is one of the factors leading to the successes mentioned, she concluded.