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The State exam, 2021 edition has started


Jul 7, 2021

GITEGA, BUJUMBURA, NGOZI July 7th (ABP) – The Minister of National Education and Scientific Research, Dr. François Havyarimana, proceeded Tuesday, July 6, 2021, at Gishubi High School, in Gishubi commune of Gitega province (center of Burundi), at the official launch of the State exam, 2021 edition, giving access to finalist pupils from secondary to higher education.

The operation of starting that exam was materialized by the distribution of copies of the exams to the pupils. Minister Havyarimana then went to the urban center of Gitega where he visited the examination centers of the Notre Dame de la Sagesse High School which accommodates 622 pupils, including two visually impaired, that of the Sainte Thérèse High School as well as that of the Gitega Paramedical School.

The ordeal in question, which will last three days, is proceeding as planned, despite some minor irregularities, Dr. Havyarimana said.

Pupils take the State exam at the Lac Tanganyika High School center

In addition, 53,078 pupils are expected to take that exam at the national level, said the Minister in charge of National Education, specifying that they are distributed in 106 examination centers, including a center in Nairobi, Kenya, totaling 21 students. To the contestants, Minister Havyarimana delivered a message of appeasement, reassuring the pupils that the test is an exam like so many others and in which they must dispel fear in order to succeed. The supervisors, he asked to use rules of ethics in the exercise of their functions.

Note that in the school province of Gitega, there are 6,148 pupils registered for the test, spread across 14 exam centers.

In Bujumbura City Council, the pupils of the final classes in the different sections presented themselves on Tuesday, July 6 to the respective test centers to take the State exam giving them access to higher education.

At Lac Tanganyika High School where a check by the ABP visited, it was found that the exam had already started and that the graduates were taking the exam.

The director of the test center at that high school, Mr. Jérôme Nyabenda, said that the exam started at 8:30 am He specified that for the said center, the candidates come from the Lac Tanganyika High School l and 2. According to the total number of all these laureates is 488 candidates. Regarding the irregularities, there were 17 absences including dropouts, non-certified and one absence for which the reason is unknown.

Mr. Nyabenda did not forget to point out that at the Lac Tanganyika High School, there are four sections, namely Biochemistry and Earth Sciences (BCST) whose candidates did, on the first day, mathematics; the Mathematics, Physics and Technology (MPT) section, in which the candidates who attend it also did Mathematics. The other section is that of the languages ​​in which the candidates have done French; as well as the economic section where the general accounts were provided.

A check by ABP also passed to the Kamenge Secondary Technical School (ETS) which has two centers. The ETS Kamenge l Center has 521 applicants, and the Center 2 Center has 423 laureates, the center directors said. Both said the exam began at 9 a.m. and no irregularities were found. They also indicated that the candidates who are taking the exam at those centers come from the technical schools of the Bujumbura City Council including the ETS Kamenge, the Technical School of the plain, the alliance, the ETCA, and others.

Note that the State exam will last three days, from July 6 to 8, 2021.

In Ngozi province (northern Burundi), the State exam has started well. At the examination center of the Lycée Don Bosco in Burengo, out of 1134 expected candidates, 1131 took the exam.

Two absences were noticed, indicated Mr. Bernard Ndabahagamye, the president of the Center of transfer of the Lycée Don Bosco of Burengo, specifying that two autodidacts who were not registered on the list presented themselves. He also said that today’s races started with a slight delay. For him, the first day is difficult to manage because we start with the installation of candidates by serial numbers. It takes a long time, which delays the start of exams. He also reported that two pupils who were prevented from taking the exams for having disturbed a lot.