• Fri. Oct 7th, 2022

People should eat according to their health to prevent metabolic disease, says nutritionist

BUJUMBURA July 7th (ABP) – People should eat according to their health condition to prevent metabolic diseases like gout, colopathy, cancer, osteoporosis and others, according to the technical director and natural-researcher -therapy in the society for nutritional health in Burundi (SOSANUBU), Mr. Gilbert Nankwahafi.

In an interview with a check by the ABP on Monday July 5, Mr. Nankwahafi said the bodies of young people, children, pregnant women, adults and the elderly do not have the same nutrient requirements.

According to that nutrition expert, people should adopt complete eating habits, including protein (meat, fish, eggs, milk, dairy products, legumes, soy products), fat (oils, margarines, butter, animal fats) and carbohydrates (whole grain products, preferably rice, pasta, colocases, potatoes, fruits and vegetables).

He clarified that in the morning, the body needs the strength and concentration necessary for the daily work of the day. For that reason, they must eat like a king, that is to say, eat constructive foods such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, peas, wheat paste accompanied by a sauce made from carrot, onions and sufficient peanut flour (5 to 6 spoons).

Mr. Nankwahafi also stresses that drinking tea or not consuming something in the morning is a behavior to be avoided because the body risks missing what it needs for its proper functioning, especially in the brain, and consequences such as drowsiness, weakness and other ailments follow.

For noon, that nutrition expert suggests eating like a prince, that is, reducing the amount compared to what they ate in the morning. He suggested eating, for example, carbohydrates such as potatoes, colocases, Gaba’s germinated rice and accompanying them with vegetables.

For the evening, he offers to eat like a beggar. Because the body needs rest, it doesn’t need sugar or hard-to-digest foods. Instead, he needs easily digestible foods like bananas, a cup of soy, sesame, wheat porridge with bread, instead of fried foods or cassava paste that lasts a long time in the stomach.

That nutritionist did not forget to point out that 90% of diseases are linked to people’s lifestyle and diets. To prevent metabolic diseases, it is necessary to avoid malnutrition, that is to say to avoid the deficiency or the excess of what the body needs. Foods containing animal proteins must be consumed in moderation, including meat, milk, eggs, beans and alcoholic beverages to avoid the production of toxic substances in the body leading to the storage of fat in the belly, buttocks, neck, or to make it easy for the body to clean up waste.

For those who are suffering from the consequences of malnutrition, Mr. Nankwahafi indicates that SOSANUBU gives them corrective training and diets to cleanse their bodies. For the elderly, there is a recipe for increasing the mineral salts they need.