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Distribution of kits to CHWs in the health districts of Buhiga and Nyabikere


Jul 6, 2021

KARUSI July 5th (ABP) – In order to improve the services of community health workers (CHWs), with support from GAVI, the Minister of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS proceeded on Tuesday the 29th June to the distribution of 524 kits to CHWs in the two health districts of Buhiga and Nyabikere.

That well-stocked kit and very useful according to the beneficiaries, will help improve not only the services of community health workers but also their standard of living.

It is composed of a mobile phone to alert in case of emergency, a complex torch incorporated with a solar plate and a telephone charger to facilitate night work, a “taimeur” to test the rhythm of the heartbeats, a megaphone and batteries to facilitate the facilitator of community sensitization, boots and raincoats to facilitate work in rainy periods, a backpack to carry and keep records, gloves for hand protection during services and bicycles for travel to health centers and elsewhere.

The Minister of Public Health recalled that the CHWs only treat children from 2 to 59 months and only in case of symptoms of malaria, pneumonia and diarrheal diseases. He insisted on the exclusive use of the kit. Note that the Minister took the opportunity to visit the district hospital under construction in Nyabikere.