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Decentralization policy still needs improvement


Jul 1, 2021

KARUSI July 1st (ABP) – After an investigation organized by the Ministry of the Interior, Public Security and Community Development on the benefits of the decentralization policy to the public, on the state of play in the provinces and on what the people ask for improvement, some people that a check by ABP approached point out that this policy still needs improvement in Karusi.

Apart from the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research which has been decentralized to the level of the District Directorates of Education, and that of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS which tends to transform the health centers into mini hospitals, the only services which have delegates at the provincial level are the public service and the OBR.

The people of Karusi therefore continue to pay for travel and accommodation in search for several services installed in Bujumbura, Gitega, Muyinga and Ngozi. The province does not have a prison and that is why judgments generally end in Gitega or Bujumbura. The province continues to send those searching for driving licenses to Muyinga or Bujumbura. For finding travel passports, it is necessary to go to Muyinga or Ngozi for the countries of the CPGL and in Bujumbura for the distant countries. When they have complaints to the Public Service Mutual or the INSS they do the same. The town planning services or the payment of units to REGIDESO are still done in Gitega, to name but a few.

Those that the check by ABP approached say that the government still has to do to ensure that the province has the same advantages as most of the other provinces.