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110 fraudulent loincloths of Congolese origin have been seized in Kaburantwa


Jun 25, 2021

CIBITOKE June 25th (ABP) – At least 110 loincloths of Congolese origin without customs clearance were seized in the morning of June 23 in Kaburantwa of Buganda commune, in Cibitoke province (north-western Burundi), during a police search.

That operation was carried out on the information of the people, at the home of a certain Zacharie Ndayishimiye, who had tried to hide his goods in bags full of maize.

Mr. Ndayishimiye was arrested after being questioned by a judicial police officer (OPJ), who is already investigating the case, according to police sources.

Recall that 24 fraudulent loincloths were also seized in the same district, three days ago, when four people tried to hide them under their respective shirts.

Administrative and police officials call on the people of Buganda commune to denounce any fraud in order to eradicate that phenomenon.