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The Association of Disabled Welders and Carpenters calls on any disabled beggar to cut short with such a behavior


Jun 23, 2021

BUJUMBURA June 23rd (ABP) – The Association of Disabled Welders and Carpenters (ASHASME) located in Nyakabiga 1, near the Imprimerie avenue, gives its all for the self-development of its members and is satisfied with it.

According to Mr. Donatien Nzokirishatse, the disabled and founding leader of that association, the idea of ​​founding the association arose from the fact that he realized that he could not work alone.

The majority of people with disabilities are beggars, Mr. Nzokirishatse deplored. However, he believes, those people must understand that having a disability does not mean being unable to work.

“There are people with disabilities who work and support their families, while there are other disability-free people who are begging,” Nzokirishatse said.

The leader of ASHASME calls on people with disabilities to team up in associations or cooperatives for their self-development.

He further pointed out that ASHASME also needs non-disabled people who can support them morally or materially. As for the challenges encountered, the leader of ASHASME said that this association faces the problem of financial resources. It also needs infrastructure to be able to carry out its mission.

ASHASME aims to bring together any indigent disabled who begs to teach them the spirit of joining associations or cooperatives in order to cut short begging, he said.

Mr. Nzokirishatse seized that opportunity to call on any disabled person to be awake and understand that having a disability has nothing to do with incompetence.

The check by ABP contacted Mr. Tharcisse Mbonyingingo, member of that association and who works in the carpentry service. He said he was satisfied to be a member of ASHASME because, he explained, he is now able to provide for the needs of his family, he pays rent and school fees for his children.

Note that this association has the following services: carpentry, welding, telephone repair, electricity, basketry, sewing and plumbing. It was formed in 2000 and today has six members.