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Passengers bemoan the poor condition of some public transport buses


Jun 23, 2021

BUJUMBURA June 23rd (ABP) – Passengers who travel via public transport wonder if certain transport vehicles commonly called “hiace” are regularly and technically checked, passengers met on Tuesday, June 22, 2021 at parking lot of the former central market of Bujumbura told a check by ABP.

Those passengers say those vehicles are in poor condition to the extent that they do not deserve to be in circulation to carry people.

“I was traveling on a bus whose chairs are in poor condition, and even the supports were not covered. The clothes of one of the passengers were torn. Moreover, even some of the chairs in the hiaces are stretched on the supports of small wooden stools,” said a passenger who remained anonymous, adding that there are buses with broken windows, with worn tires or without spare tires, and others that must be pushed by touts to start an engine.

During the visit that the check by ABP paid to the bus parking lot at the former central market in Bujumbura city, two buses were being repaired on the spot.

Those passengers appeal to the Ministry responsible for Transport to closely monitor public transport vehicles to find out if they regularly carry out technical checks before starting activities. This would prevent possible road accidents.