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Internal fundraising is needed to support the government in financing education, according to the “Bafashebige” coalition


Jun 18, 2021

BUJUMBURA June 18th (ABP) – The deputy chairman of the Coalition Education For All “Bafashebige”, Mr. Cassien Gashirahamwe, urges the government to ask both public and private companies and traders to donate a minimum of what they earn to raise more funds for children’s education.

“With education funding amounting to more than 20% of the budget, the government of Burundi could resort to “other internal funding,” Gashirahamwe said at a joint press conference held by the Coalition “Bafashebige” and the organization for the promotion of education in Africa “IDAY”, on the occasion of the celebration of the International African Child Day, celebrated on June 16.

Still with the objective of increasing the amount allocated to the sector of children’s education, Mr. Gashirahamwe also calls on the government to call on the support of its friends. Thus, he proposes to the government to use the global partnership for education to support more in the education of children.

Mr. Gashirahamwe invites “any actor in the field of education for the improvement of the learning conditions of our children who are future leaders of our country”.

“It is an obligation that every Burundian and African child, whatever their difficulties, be at school,” he said.