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Celebration of the World Day against Child Labor


Jun 14, 2021

KAYANZA June 14th (ABP) – Burundi joined other countries around the world on Friday in the celebration of the world day dedicated to the fight against child labor. The related ceremonies took place in the headquarters of Kayanza province (northern Burundi) under the theme “Act now more than ever against child labor and its worst forms,” a check on the site by ABP revealed.

During those ceremonies, the director general of workers in the Ministry of Public Service, Labor and Employment, Mr. Benjamin Nkeshimana, clarified that child labor is a reality around the world. He said surveys conducted by UNICEF have shown that 160,000,000 children are subjected to labor which is far proportional to their age. Of these, he said, 73,000,000 were identified in Africa.

Here, he indicated that although in-depth investigations are not carried out in Burundi, children carrying out work beyond their age are observed there. Thus, he asked that every Burundian adult plead for the fight against child labor so that there are no more people ignoring the rights of the child until 2025. He asked the government to do everything possible for every child of school age to be enrolled in school.

On his part, the socio-cultural adviser to the governor of Kayanza, Mr. Sylvain Bakanibona, said that some children of that province are recruited in the extraction of minerals or participate in various activities; all this because of the poverty that is talked about in some households, he said.

To tackle this, he called on the Ministry of Civil Service, Labor and Employment to increase the number of trade centers in order to allow out-of-school children to develop themselves.

As for the children that the check by ABP contacted, they say they are satisfied with the implementation of child protection laws. However, they ask that those texts be popularized until their employers become familiar with them.

Here, the assistant to the Minister of Public Service, Labor and Employment, Mr. Adolphe Ngendabanyikwa, reassured while pointing out that the whole world is doing everything possible to eradicate all forms of violence committed against children.