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The provincial administration sensitizes the people on the family planning


Jun 15, 2021

KAYANZA June 15th (ABP) – The chief of staff of the governor of Kayanza (northern Burundi), Mr. Vianney Ndikumana, asks the people of Kayanza in general and the Christians of Beloved Church of Matongo in particular to plan births because, according to him, that province is one of the most populous provinces of Burundi.

He made that appeal when the office of the governor of Kayanza joined the Christians of that church in prayer of Sunday, June 13, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Based on the Holy Scriptures from the book of Saint John, chapters 13 and 21, the pastor of Beloved Church in Matongo, Anther Ciza, called on the faithful of that church to have a vision because, he explained, someone who has no vision is never satisfied with what the Almighty has offered them, they are always characterized by selfishness.

To that end, he spoke of certain faith leaders who have no vision and who put forward assets, which often destroys those churches.

In his speech of greeting to the faithful of the said church, the chief of staff of the governor of Kayanza indicated that the provincial administration in Kayanza is satisfied with the collaboration between it and the Beloved Church.

The chief of staff to the governor of Kayanza called on the faithful of the same church to take the lead in family planning in order to prepare a good future for their offspring.

                                                                View of the faithful of the Beloved Church of Matongo

Mr. Ndikumana also invited them to love their neighbor, which, he said, leads to solidarity, peace and development. He also called on them to become enthusiastic about the development work of their households, the community and the country in general and to join others in the cleanliness of the RN1 in Matongo, which is often a victim of landslides during the rainy period.

As the summer school holidays are drawing near, he asked faithful parents of Beloved church in Matongo to send their children to summer camp to actively participate in the development of their homeland. According to him, the work is very beneficial to the pupils because, he said, they gain patriotic knowledge and teachings.