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Art is the source of development, according to artist Diomede Busimbo


Jun 3, 2021

BUJUMBURA June 3rd (ABP) – Mr. Diomède Busimbo, a carpenter and artist from Kayanza (northern Burundi) who has participated in a fair organized in Bujumbura, said on Wednesday June 2, 2021 in an interview he gave to a check by ABP that art is the source of development for anyone doing it.

Mr. Busimbo is a carpenter and artist by training. He makes art objects of various shapes from wood such as baskets, platters, plates and other ornaments. He said he started his career just after his professional training in the 2000s. He said he makes those objects from different kinds of wood, those from the forest or grown.

Regarding the availability of the raw material used, he said he buys them from wood owners. He also reported that he gave job to the young people who followed the training with him. He has 5 full-time employees and 5 others who are paid according to the products produced. He said his family is well off because of his profession as an artist. However, he deplored the fact that Burundians have not yet given value to wood products whereas they are good for health.

For those who do not give value to trades, Mr. Busimbo called on them to work to develop or they will remain poor. He said that some young people do not do the trades for the lack of financial means. The rest lose their time in the places known as ligalas, a behavior that needs to be changed according to Mr. Busimbo. He also asked them to join forces in cooperatives because unity is strength. He supported that idea by specifying that they are currently producing a lot after joining a cooperative made up of 20 artists.

Regarding the importance of attending the fair, Mr Busimbo affirmed that it is beneficial for him as he promotes his products and he sells more products compared to the rest of the days as he works inside the country. He also indicated that the fair is an opportunity to compare his products to those of others and to improve knowledge because “we learn from others”.