• Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

The Holy Grace Church granted a donation of two hundred bags of cement to the Rumonge commune


May 24, 2024

RUMONGE, May 21st (ABP) – The Holy Grace Church granted, Sunday, May 19, 2024, a donation of two hundred bags of cement with the aim of contributing to the construction of five classrooms on the upper floor of the Mugweji Basic School located on Birimba hill in the Rumonge urban center.

That gesture was made during the official launch of the activities of the said church in Rumonge commune.

According to Pastor Lee, head of the missionary delegation and representative of the Holy Grace Church in South Korea where that church originated, it has already established itself in certain member countries of the African community. the East; in the United Republic of Tanzania, the DRC and Uganda.

He said that it is involved in various development projects and especially in the education and health sector.

It also plans to set up a clinic in the urban center of Rumonge, with a view to supporting the health sector.

The administrator of the Rumonge commune, Augustin Minani thanked the missionaries of that church for their contribution to development.

As for the governor of that province, Léonard Niyonsaba, he called on the faithful of that church in particular and the population of Rumonge province, in general, to support those missionaries in their activities, who according to him, are considered as Nehemiah, during the construction of the city of Jerusalem completely destroyed. He promised that the administration will do its best to support them.