• Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Handover ceremonies at ONATEL


May 24, 2024

BUJUMBURA, May 21st (ABP) – The permanent secretary of the Minister of ICT, Mr. Ferdinand Manirakiza, proceeded, Monday, May 20, 2024, at ONATEL headquarters, to the handover and resumption between the outgoing general director, Mr. Privat Kabeba and Mr. Sixte Niyuhire, the new director general of the National Telecommunications Office (ONATEL).

Mr. Manirakiza, in his speech, thanked the outgoing director for the good collaboration, his commitments and sacrifices for the smooth running and development of that office. He also congratulated the new Director General and his colleagues and wished him every success in his respective new positions.

The outgoing general director solemnly handed over the management files and presented the few elements that make them up. That concerns the office equipment of the general director, the fundamental reference documents for the management of the company in particular the statute of the office, the private and public company code, the labor code, the public market, the staff status, the decree creating ONATEL as well as the decree for the annals.

The files which are being processed include, among others, the inventory, the revision of the staff status to comply with the labor code in force, the judicial files, the monitoring of files relating to the rehabilitation of the port and the Bujumbura airport, INSS monitoring file for the free remission of penalties and the civil service mutual insurance file.

The new director of ONATEL thanked the outgoing director general for the targeted activities that are underway. He took that opportunity to send a message to ONATEL workers to give body and soul to ensure that those ongoing files are feasible.

Mr. Niyuhire also urged the clients of that office to communicate, whenever they encounter difficulties or see an opportunity that ONATEL can exploit for their benefit.