• Sun. May 19th, 2024

Manufacturing of a maize huller machine in Nyabututsi


Apr 12, 2024

GITEGA, April 9th (ABP) – Young associates grouped within a cooperative called “Development and Technology”, “D-Tekno” in acronym, has just manufactured a maize huller machine. That machine was manufactured in the Nyabututsi district of the Gitega commune and province (central Burundi), a check on the site by ABP has disclosed.

The legal representative of “D-Tekno” Mr. Diomède Nihorimbere indicates that that machine is capable of shelling 8 tones of maize per day, specifying that they manufacture those machines with the aim of giving their contributions in achieving the vision of arriving at an emerging Burundi in 2040.

Mr. Nihorimbere nevertheless points out that their association faces many obstacles, particularly the lack of space. For the moment, that association works within the workshop of the Toninni Institute of the Apostles of the Good Shepherd and the Queen of the Cenacle located in the Nyabututsi district.

Nihorimbere asks the government of Burundi to help them have land where they can build a large workshop capable of manufacturing several machines.

The multiplier of selected seeds Mr. Richard Hatungimana who bought that machine says he is amazed by the techniques those young people use to make those machines. He calls on the government of Burundi and non-governmental organizations to support them in promoting their talents.

Mr. Hatungimana also calls on Burundians to have the courage to consume or buy products manufactured in Burundi because according to him, the currencies they use in the importation of those products could be used in the purchase of primary products. He also pointed out that once a product manufactured in Burundi is purchased, that association is allowed to produce other machines.

Mr. Hatungimana did not forget to point out that once you have purchased a machine manufactured in the country, it is easy to find the designers to correct the errors noticed after the purchase; which is impossible according to him for imported machines. Note that that machine was manufactured for twelve days. Those young people also made other different machines, including those that cut grass for the cows.