• Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Celebration of the 40th year of the partnership between Burundi and the region of Baden Württemberg in Germany


Mar 27, 2024

BUJUMBURA March 26th (ABP) – The Baden Württemberg Foundation for Development Cooperation (SEZ) organized a reflection workshop on Thursday March 21, 2024 as part of the celebration of the 40th year of the partnership between Burundi and the region of Baden Württemberg in Germany, under the theme: “promoting rural women for sustainable development”. That activity is part of the celebration of International Women’s Day, we noted on site.

The Ambassador of the German Federation to Burundi, Mr. Casten Hölscher, indicated that Germany will spare no effort to ensure that the rights of women and girls are respected and known throughout the world. He even clarified that feminist foreign policy is based on the conviction that all human beings enjoy the same rights, deserve the same freedoms and opportunities.

Ambassador Casten noted that feminist foreign policy is also based on the recognition that societies are more peaceful and prosperous and when women can participate in political, social and economic life. That policy aims for gender equality worldwide, the equal representation of human beings in all areas of life and equitable access to resources.

Furthermore, he said, the observation is that Burundian women in general and rural women in particular do not have easy access to different factors of production. That clearly shows that to achieve equality between men and women, much remains to be done in Burundi as in Germany.

According to entrepreneur Mrs. Ange Muyubira, for a woman to have a better future, she must have the idea of creating a job, producing items that meet the needs of customers in order to generate money.

Ms. Muyubira further noted that entrepreneurship can develop the empowerment of women and girls, improve practices and policies towards gender mainstreaming in all aspects of the nation.