• Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

The association of women from the diaspora living in the United States of America “AUDIZEMA” are committed to supporting the “Zero fistula” campaign


Mar 21, 2024

GITEGA March 21st (ABP) – The First Lady of Burundi, Mrs. Angeline Ndayishimiye, received an audience on Friday March 15, at the headquarters of the “Bonne Action Umugiraneza” foundation located in Kibimba village in Giheta commune of Gitega province (center of Burundi), a delegation from the association of women of the diaspora living in the United States of America “AUDIZEMA”, who sent a team of doctors specializing in gynecology to carry out an operation on women with fistulas, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Mrs. Zena Ntiranyibagira, member of that association, said that that campaign to operate on fistulas will be carried out from March 11 to 21, at the Urumuri center in Gitega, at the Gitega regional hospital. The same activity was organized as part of supporting the “zero fistula” project initiated by the Bonne Action Umugiraneza foundation of the First Lady so that women can have good health. She noted that the discussions with the First Lady were based on how to improve the health of women so that they can participate in the development of the country like others.

At the beginning, it was painful to see women suffering from obstetric fistulas, said Mrs. Ntiranyibagira, rejoicing that currently, AUDIZEMA is satisfied with the support that the First Lady of Burundi gives to those women, from where they took the initiative to contribute. “It is also our task as Burundians who are outside the country, not just that of the First Lady,” explained Ms. Ntiranyibagira. She took that opportunity to thank the Burundian diaspora who supported that work She urged other members of the diaspora to go on the ground to be able to support Burundi, particularly in the health sector because, she said, we cannot develop or achieve the 2040-2060 vision if we are not in good health.