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China is more committed to supporting Africa’s development


Mar 8, 2024
Beijing, March 8th (ABP) – Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi answered the fifteenth question posed to him by a Tanzanian journalist Abubakar Harith, during a press conference he hosted on Thursday March 7, 2024 at the Media Center in Beijing, that China is more committed to supporting the development of Africa through concrete actions and mutual respect.
In front of a large number of journalists representing almost all corners of the world, Minister Wang Yi recalled that China and Africa advocate the fight against imperialism and colonialism. Thus, they work to achieve useful development and defend justice in the face of international hazards, he said.
He pointed out that since the start of the new era, the President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping has announced the principle of sincerity, effective results, friendship and good faith for Sino-African ties, and the vision of building a China-Africa shared future community.
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In this new historic process, he continued to say, China will continue to stand firmly alongside its African brothers, to support Africa so that it achieves true independence of mindset and thoughts, to support Africa in the achievement of its capacity for autonomous development and to support the acceleration of the modernization of the continent.
China is Africa’s largest trading partner. Sino-African cooperation continues to improve and the Chinese and Africans are getting closer and closer, he said with joy.
Given that other major countries have once again turned their attention to Africa, the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs told the press that China will not stop carrying out cooperation based on concrete actions on the ground. “The models imposed on Africa by the outside world bring neither stability nor prosperity. Africans need to explore development paths suited to their national conditions,” he added.
That Chinese diplomat took the opportunity to announce that the next conference of the forum on Sino-African cooperation will be held in China. Six years later, Chinese and African leaders will meet in Beijing to jointly review future development and cooperation, and to discuss in-depth experiences and governance.
“I am convinced that through this summit, Chinese and African leaders will review traditional friendship,” estimated Minister Wang Yi, while revealing that the latter will aim to deepen solidarity and cooperation, open new horizons for the acceleration of shared development and to turn a new page of the China-Africa shared future community.
Note that Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi answered more than 20 questions from journalists on China’s cooperation with other countries in the world.