• Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

The minister in charge of culture exchanges with Burundian artists


Mar 5, 2024

BUJUMBURA March 4th (ABP) – The Minister of the East African Community, Youth, Sports and Culture, Gervais Abayeho hosted a contact meeting on Thursday, February 29, 2024, in Bujumbura. place of Burundian artists. That meeting aimed to collect grievances and propose new strategies for improvement because, according to Minister Abayeho, the field of art is a very vast field, where it is difficult to go in depth to identify the challenges that haunt him.

On that occasion, Minister Abayeho advised musical artists to watch over the messages conveyed by their songs, because according to him, they have the power to unite as they can also divide. “It is better to compose love songs instead of writing on subjects which destroy society and which convey messages of hatred” he advised, recalling that each artist has the duty to be a peacemaker.

Minister Abayeho also made it known that a musician artist can be politically engaged, but in a positive sense that can serve the development of the country and the 2040-2060 vision. He criticized the contents of the productions of emerging musical artists compared to those of old musicians like Canjo Amissi, Africa Nova, Bahaga and others, pointing out that emerging artists are lacking inspiration and less creative.

He further recommended emerging young people to make their own creations instead of copying old music, which is considered plagiarism.

In turn, Burundian artists showed the challenges encountered when exercising their profession, in particular the lack of a copyright law which would allow artists to benefit from the earnings of their production. They also highlighted the lack of favourable places intended to exhibit artistic works. They also pointed out the failure of the Burundian language and culture, hence they pointed out that even traditional Burundian instruments like the Inanga are not valued.

Concerning the Burundian drum, the representative of the Amagaba Troupe suggested that in the event of travel abroad, during cultural events, all the necessary drums be transported regardless of weight because, according to him, the inequality of the drums contributes to the good rhythm and good melody of those.

Diomède Musosoma, who represented the Burundian writers association, pointed out the inadequacy of publishing houses as well as the lack of support for writers.

He also proposed that there be many places to read, and support for writers to improve that area.

In conclusion, Minister Abayeho indicated that those grievances will be submitted to the Council of Ministers.