• Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

The minister in charge of security protests against undisciplined and corrupt police officers


Jan 24, 2024

NGOZI January 22nd (ABP) – The Minister of the Interior, Community Development and Public Security Martin Niteretse, visiting Ngozi province, met police officers working in the provincial police station of that province.

During that meeting, Minister Niteretse deplored the behaviour of certain police officers who display indiscipline by allowing themselves to ransom the population, bribes, corruption and by granting themselves illegal exits.

He insisted that the OPJ improve their services, especially with regard to the processing and transmission to the prosecution of cases of serious crime such as rape, corruption, killings, fraud and other financial embezzlement.

Provincial commissioner Bonfort Moussa Ndoreraho, in his welcoming remarks, took stock of last year’s achievements, specifying that that police station carried out 388 searches and seized 238 irregulars.

He dismantled 15 bandit networks, poured 449 liters of prohibited drink called Ikibarube and seized 13 kilos of cannabis. The Ngozi provincial police station also contributed to the fight against fraud, seizing 4 grenades and magazines.

Among the challenges raised by the provincial commissioner are police officers holding motorcycle taxis to ransom and collecting bribes from gas stations. He also raised the difficulties encountered with the emptying and lubricating of motorcycles from communal police stations which must be done in Bujumbura with fuel consumption for the operation which even exceeds the value of the used oil.

Minister Niteretse also met in the afternoon with administrative officials at the base of the entire Ngozi province.