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Family planning concerns men and women, according to the head of ABUBEF


Jan 5, 2024

BUJUMBURA, January 5th (ABP) – Family planning in Burundi concerns women and men, said the head of the clinic of the Burundian Association for Family Welfare (ABUBEF) in Jabe, Mr. Bienvenu Tuyishimire, in an interview he gave to a ABP on Wednesday January 3, 2024.

The ABUBEF clinic in Jabe welcomes everyone, women and men, specified Mr. Tuyishimire, specifying however that many women attend that clinic compared to men. ‘Men do not feel concerned about family planning issues.  There are people commonly called “peer educators” who help raise awareness so that men can understand the merits of family planning’, he said. He commended that awareness the number of men who are interested in family planning issues increases as awareness is raised about them.

Regarding the different methods of family planning such as female or male sterilization, implant, pills, oral contraceptive pills and injectable contraceptives, condoms, etc., he said that only two methods are practicable for men, namely the use of condoms as well as vasectomy.

These family planning methods can have side effects on human health, revealed the head of the ABUBEF clinic in Jabe, while warning that in the event of any side effect, the concerned must resort to that health facility.

Mr. Tuyishimire took the opportunity to call on the people of Burundi, all categories combined, to practice family planning for good health and family development. He also appealed to those who follow the natural method, asking them to be vigilant because, he said, this method is difficult to practice. “Many people fail through this method,” he stressed, before adding that ABUBEF helps these kinds of people.