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Appeal to increase working hours and plan for household self-financing


Dec 24, 2023

MAKAMBA December 21st (ABP) – The torch of peace lit up on Monday December 18, 2023 the development work consisting of the construction of public infrastructure in the Kibago, Kayogoro and Makamba communes of Makamba province (south of Burundi).

In Kibago, participants carried out community work at the Kiyange I Basic School (ECOFO) currently under construction. That school was destroyed by rain mixed with winds which fell on that hill last October. In Kayogoro, they participated in the construction of the town hall. In the 119th commune of the torch of peace journey, the Makamba commune, the participants proceeded with the paving of two classrooms at the ECOFO of the COMIBU located in Nyaburumba, and that of the meeting room built at the Nkurunziza Peace Park Complex Stadium.

In all those communes, the representative of the Intwararumuri association, Mr. Epipode Baranyikwa, asked the population to increase working hours and plan for household self-financing. According to him, the development of the country goes hand in hand with that of households. He invited everyone to be vigilant to forever combat fraud. “The fight against fraud must be continuous,” he insisted. All the communes visited received 50 bags of cement each.