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The First Lady returned from Kenya


Dec 2, 2023

BUJUMBURA November 27`th (ABP) – The First Lady of Burundi, Angeline Ndayishimiye returned, Friday, November 24, 2023, from a mission to the Republic of Kenya where she responded to the invitation of her Kenyan counterpart, for the celebration of 14 years of existence of “Joy for women”, a Kenyan women’s development association represented by the first lady of that country. It was also about the implementation of the “we are all equal” project initiated by the first ladies at the African level.

“Joy for women” was born in 2009 during the propaganda of MPs where the first lady of Kenya found, during the trip, a woman sitting, without shoes, but with great joy. The latter took the decision to seek 60 women to initiate “Joy for women” to help Kenyan women self-develop, underlined Ms. Ndayishimiye.

For the proper functioning of that association, those women set up what was called “Table banking” to facilitate the exchange of money between them. Currently “Joy for women” has 18,000 members and has spread throughout the country, revealed the Burundian first lady. That association is of great importance to its members because those women are currently autonomous.

Mrs. Ndayishimiye also noted that that visit was a good opportunity to implement in Kenya, as was done in Burundi during the celebration of the national forum of women leaders, a project entitled “we are all equal”. It is a project that was initiated by the first ladies of Africa to show that men and women are equal in matters of law and that women are capable of doing what men do. That project will help fight discrimination against African women.

The Burundi First Lady took that opportunity to provide advice to Burundian women to come together to work while avoiding fraud, selfishness and hatred, to self-develop.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, Angeline Ndayishimiye spoke with the first ladies of Uganda, Namibia (currently president of OPDAD at the African level) and Ghana.

Furthermore, Mrs. Ndayishimiye deplored the fact that there are men who behave like animals, raising the case of a man who raped a five-year-old child, to the point of death, in the Buterere district. She asked those concerned to carry out a thorough investigation to find and punish that criminal.