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Entrepreneurship in the field of pedicure and manicure contributes to the fight against poverty


Nov 24, 2023

BUJUMBURA, November 24th (ABP) – The young entrepreneur and owner of the “Venustar” salon by the name of Venuste Mutama told checks by ABP, on Monday, November 20, 2023, that the opportunity to manage financially to fight against poverty is the key to progress. It was a particular encouragement towards young people that he expressed when he welcomed the checks by ABP into his pedicure and manicure salon.

The young entrepreneur, thanks to his profession, managed to transform a small start-up capital into a thriving business as a way out of poverty. His rise “from poverty to prosperity through pedicures and manicures” is testimony to the fact that obstacles can be overcome if one displays determination, illustrating that entrepreneurship is the potential to fight poverty and open the path to development opportunities.

Mrs. Aline Muco, a loyal customer of the Venustar salon, testified that the competence and attractive prices practiced by Venuste Mutama highlight customer satisfaction and the attractiveness of Venustar, as a salon of choice. In addition, the management and quality of the pedicure and manicure services that Mutama provides, even towards the commitment of the Head of State to make “Burundi an emerging country in 2040 and developed in 2060”.

Through his pedicure and manicure profession, he managed to transform his precarious living condition into a thriving business and offer jobs to other young people.

He took the opportunity to encourage those who wish to learn the art of pedicure and manicure that the doors are open to him. He is still committed to helping apprentices acquire the skills necessary to excel in that profession.