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The Faculty of Agronomy and Bioengineering committed to promoting agricultural production


Nov 3, 2023

GITEGA October 31st (ABP) – The Faculty of Agronomy and Bioengineering “FABI” of the University of Burundi, branch of Gitega (center of the country), proceeded, Thursday, October 26, 2023, to the launch of the harvest of Victoria variety potatoes, planted during growing season C, in the Nyabugogo marsh, in the urban center of Gitega (center of the country), a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The Dean of that faculty, Dr Nijimbere Séverin indicated that he is satisfied with the production, adding that at least 20 tons of potatoes will be harvested on an area of less than one hectare. To that end, he encouraged the students of that faculty who ensured regular monitoring of those plants, respecting all the pyrotechnic stages of that culture, from planting to harvest.

Dr Nijimbere called on the people to imitate at home that practice of modern cultivation of potatoes and other food crops, in order to increase production on a small area and to develop all the marshes, more particularly during the growing season C, to ensure increased production, so that every mouth has something to eat and every pocket has money.

He also called on the people to no longer plant tomatoes and eggplants where they have just harvested potatoes, in order to avoid their contamination because those plants are in the same family and are more vulnerable to bacteriosis. He added that you have to wait at least six growing seasons to still plant potatoes, tomatoes or eggplants. He called on them to plant other crops such as corn, beans or rice, in order to effectively combat the bacteria that neutralize those plants.

He pointed out that for that current crop season A, we plan to plant rice or corn there even if the weather is advanced, according to the indicators given by the IGEBU.

The people of the urban center of Gitega encourages that faculty, which for the moment prioritizes practical work, to ensure an increase in production and helps its students to familiarize themselves with field work.

Note that a kg of potato sells for 1000 BIF at the faculty of agronomy and bioengineering while at the central market, it costs 1300 BIF and more.