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Holding of the 2nd regional training and media familiarization workshop on the support program for the development of air transport and the strengthening of ICT governance


Oct 26, 2023

BUJUMBURA October 26th (ABP) – The economic capital Bujumbura, has hosted since Wednesday October 25, 2023, a 2nd training and media familiarization workshop on the Support Program for the Development of the Airline Sector (SATSD) and strengthening of the governance and a favorable environment in the ICT sector (RGEF-TIC) in Eastern and Southern Africa and a part of the Indian Ocean.

The organizer of that two-day workshop is COMESA (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa), initiator of both projects. The four other communities present, having joined the projects are the East African Community (EAC), the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the

Intergovernmental Agency for Development (IGAD) and the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC).

                                                                                Family photo of participants

Speaking at the launch of that workshop, the assistant to the Minister of Communication and ICT and Media, Mr. Thierry Kitamoya, said that the two projects which will be the subject of familiarization concern 29 African countries, or more than 50 percent of the Africans. For him, it is imperative that media managers understand the ins and outs of the said programs stated, in order to popularize their content within the beneficiary population, who will implement them. He considered that that familiarization will allow media managers from different countries to exchange experiences in the sectors mentioned: ICT and air transport. And therefore, generate a synergy that will help their implementation, through widespread popularization.

For his part, during his intervention, Mr. Bernard Dzawanda, who represented the Secretary of COMESA, indicated that the five partners in those two projects recognize the essential role of the media, hence their training and familiarization are even part of the activities to be carried out for success. of implementation by the beneficiary people. Mr. Dzawanda said that extensive collaboration between public authorities and the media are a major asset for the successful implementation of the two programs.

Mr. Dzawanda said that the development of ICTs, in terms of competitiveness and security, as well as the development of air transport, will lead to better regional integration and an increase in economic development within the five regional economic communities.

The representative of the COMESA Secretary informed that the development of air transport, which facilitates African regional integration, is part of the objectives of the vision of Agenda 2063, for the inclusive and sustainable development of all of Africa. He wanted to thank the government of Burundi for hosting that regional workshop and the European Union, his partner, which financially supported the holding of that activity.