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The Burundi 2000+ Network has distributed 1,027,651 cassava cuttings


Oct 10, 2023

KARUSI, October 10th (ABP) – With the aim of popularizing good, profitable and disease-resistant seeds, the Burundi 2000+ network, distributed, on Saturday October 7, 2023, 1,027,651 cassava cuttings, the very productive species, “Inabusegenya” also called “Kameneka”, to the beneficiaries of the Integrated Farmer Project in the Rugwiza zone of Nyabikere commune.

According to the governor’s chief of staff, Mr. Innocent Ntirampeba, that donation comes at the right time in a province where more than 99.9% of its population, live from agriculture and where the cultivation of cassava has been hit by the mosaic.

He called on the people to plant those cuttings well, to maintain them properly, in order to reach the level of the Bugenyuzi and Gihogazi communes, which, thanks to that project, export large quantities of cassava to other provinces.

The coordinator of the Burundi 2000+ network in Karusi, Nestor Bashihikare, indicated that a delegation made up of technicians from the Provincial Bureau of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock and the Burundi 2000+ network, was dispatched to Rutana province, with the aim of assisting the supplier during the selection and loading of cuttings.

400 cuttings are planned for each beneficiary household as announced by Nestor Bashihikare. Note that the Integrated Farmer Project supports 2,700 households through education, the provision of beans, maize, vegetable seeds and fertilizers, monitoring-evaluation and crop conservation. It also assists 150 landless households with food.