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Around twenty kiosks went up in smoke in Rugombo commune


Oct 9, 2023

CIBITOKE, October 9th (ABP) – Around twenty kiosks with goods inside went up in smoke, the night of October 5 to 6, around 1 a.m., at the 6th crossroads of Kagazi, Rugombo commune, in Cibitoke province.

The origin of the fire remains unknown, according to the owners of those kiosks, who no longer know which way to turn. They ask for assistance to resume their commercial activities and manage to support their families. One of the victims, Thierry Niyonkuru, revealed to a check by ABP that to start his commercial activities, he had taken out a loan of 1,500,000 Burundi francs from “Turame” Microfinance.

Thus, his business in shop items had progressed, he had started to repay, he no longer had any questions about finding the ration, and he was easily able to pay for field activities, pay their children’s school fees and their healthcare without issue. And there it is, his kiosk full of goods goes up in smoke, he told the check by ABP with great sadness.

A man named Justin Kubwimana, a hairdresser, is worried that he was able to buy his kiosk for his hair salon with so much money that he was able to save little by little, and regrets losing everything, with around ten phones androids for his clients, which he had left on charge.

The desolation is for all those small traders, who ask to be assisted, to continue to live, and feed theirs. They really appreciated the trip by the communal administrator together with the commissioner, who went to the scene of the incident during the night.

As for the Kagazi village leader, Emmanuel Nsabiyumva, asks the victims not to lose hope of life, but rather encourages them to be resilient after that disaster. He also continues to wonder about the origin of the fire, which appeared after REGIDESO’s power was cut. For the prevention of such cases on the next occasion, he recommended to his constituents to use technicians for any electrical installation. He advises them, if possible, to see how to have their commercial activities insured in insurance companies.