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Cleaning of the Ruvumera drain channel and collection of plastic waste


Sep 22, 2023

BUJUMBURA September 20th (ABP) – For the second day of the celebration of the week dedicated to the environment, the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock organized, Monday September 18, 2023 at Bujumbura, a trip to the Buyenzi zone very close to the Ruvumera market to organize cleaning activities of the Ruvumera gutter and collect plastic waste, in order to protect the environment.

In an interview he gave to the press, the Director General of Environment, Water Resources and Sanitation, Mr. Christian Nimubona, indicated that these activities were organized to remove waste carried by water waste which flows towards Lake Tanganyika, explaining that those waters are dangerous for the lake and its biodiversity, given that it constitutes an organism which is of capital importance for fishery production, but also for its tourist character which can be also a source of income for the country, he said.

He launched an appeal to the Burundians in general and to organizations working in the field of environmental protection to tackle environmental protection activities including sanitation activity, pointing out that the Plastic is one of the elements that contribute to global warming, which constitutes a major problem worldwide.

He finally took that opportunity to call on the Burundians to properly manage plastics to prevent the harmful effects linked to climate change.