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The President of the Constitutional Court participated in the work of tracing contour lines


Sep 12, 2023

RUTANA September 12th   (ABP) – The president of the constitutional court, Mr. Valentin Bagorikunda, joined on Saturday September 9, 2023, with the people of Musagara hill in the Musongati commune in the province of Rutana, in development works community consisting of tracing contour lines.

In his speech, Mr. Bagorikunda called on the population of Musongati commune to work with objective so that Burundi is an emerging country in 2040 and a developed country in 2060, recalling that developed countries have become so thanks to the efforts of their residents.

According to him, a country’s public infrastructure constitutes its development capital. It is in that context that he advised the inhabitants of Musongati commune to protect them for sustainable development.

The president of the constitutional court further pointed out that peace and security are the pillars of the country’s development. To that end, he called on the population of the municipalities of Rutana province to maintain peace and security and to report each case to the administrative authorities, so that it can be punished in accordance with the law.

In order to achieve sustainable development in the country, Mr. Bagorikunda invited the inhabitants of Musongati to unite and work together in development cooperatives. He also called on them to respect hygiene rules in their households and workplaces, but also to ensure the hygiene of public infrastructure.