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Tax revenues are satisfactory in Buhiga commune


Sep 10, 2023

KARUSI September 7th   (ABP) – Buhiga’s communal revenues are satisfactory, despite certain disparities due to periods of scarcity, administrator Thérence Bacebaseme told ABP on Wednesday, September 6, 2023.

He pointed out that with these monthly revenues, the commune manages to pay the salaries of its staff, pay for fuel and buy communal securities and all the equipment necessary for its operation, before adding that the commune is making its investment in the sector of infrastructure.

However, he announced, the collection is not stable and balanced every month according to accounting data. From January to August 2023, disparities of up to 10 million and more were observed. Revenues in August were BIF 34,924,000, BIF 32,005,000 in May, BIF 30,817,000 in July, BIF 20,424,000 in April and BIF 21,581,000 in March, for example.

According to Normand Izerimana, communal accountant of Buhiga, taxes on markets, on the loading of crops outside the province, those of shops, banks and microfinance institutions, rolling stock, restaurants, pharmacies and others, constitute the main source of revenue. He affirmed that the period of massive sale of beans and corn is the one which marks the exceptional return of communal revenues.