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Call for the use of solar ovens to protect the environment


Sep 5, 2023

MWARO September 5th (ABP) – The University Center for Research and Applied Pedagogy in Sciences (CURPAS), through its physics-technology team from the Applied Pedagogical Institute, made a trip to Mwaro province to promote the use of solar ovens by local communities for cooking.

The lecturer at the Applied Pedagogical Institute (IPA) at the University of Burundi in the physics-technology department, prof. Déogratias Nugwaha, indicated that this project to manufacture solar ovens powered by solar rays was financed by the University of Burundi. Mr. Nugwaha clarified that they initiated that project because, currently, deforestation is accelerating very intensely. Households are having difficulty finding firewood today, and it is women who suffer greatly, he deplored.

“We have assigned ourselves the mission of researching projects that are beneficial for the local people. People can use it while saving time and money,” Mr. Nugwaha insisted. He said that the solar oven has many advantages, including relieving women of the search for firewood, protecting the environment, protecting people who are often in front of the fire against lung diseases or eyes caused by the fumes, he said.

These ovens carry one or three pans at a time and everyone makes their choice according to their needs and means. The price of that oven is around 300,000 BIF. He appealed to the people of Mwaro to stop the destruction of forests to protect the environment by using the solar oven. Note that awareness-raising was carried out for women and men leaders as well as certain administrative of Mwaro province.