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PARCEM commends the efforts of the Head of State in promoting economic governance


Sep 1, 2023

NGOZI September 1st (ABP) – The Word and Action for the Awakening of Consciousness and the Revolution of Mentalities (PARCEM) association encourages the Burundi Head of State in his efforts to promote good economic governance in Burundi.

During his conference debate, on Wednesday August 30 in Ngozi province, the chairman of PARCEM, Mr. Faustin Ndikumana, expressed his support for the new Budget Program approach which highlights the financing of activities already planned. This approach differs from the previous ones which had no control and therefore the State budget was improperly spent for purposes which are not in the national interest.

According to Mr. Ndikumana, the government of Burundi is committed to promoting the major pillars of good governance in Burundi, including strengthening institutional capacity, the fight against corruption, strengthening leadership and national cohesion. To do this, it must redefine the role of the actors. Thus, the State remains with its sovereign mission. The private sector has the role of revitalizing the economy for the country’s economic growth.

NGOs must support the State in vulnerable categories as long as religious denominations are called upon to moralize and support national development. He also encourages the Head of State to continue to fight against the major scourges that cause poverty. Alongside corruption, he talks about extortion, illicit enrichment, money laundering, the very high birth rate and inflation.

For Mr. Ndikumana, once the various challenges are corrected, the President of the Republic’s vision of a Burundi emerging in 2040 and developed in 2060 must be a reality. The advantages are multiple, such as the agricultural, tourist and mining potentials and the climatic diversity. Finally, it is the water resources and the geographical position of Burundi as a hub of Burundi between East Africa and Central Africa.

The conference debate focused on the citizen contribution in achieving the vision of the President of the Republic at the local level through the commitment of the State.