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Development of the Kirwa tourist site leaves something to be desired


Aug 17, 2023

GITEGA August 17th (ABP) – The tourist site of Kirwa, located in Gishubi commune of Gitega province, is not well equipped, as a check by ABP noted during a visit he made on Monday August 14, 2023.

Indeed, the people of that locality invade the site by growing various crops including bananas, beans and cassava.

According to the professor at the University of Burundi, Elie Sadiki, it was the home to the Queen-Mothers and the ritualists who had the very important role in the organization of the sowing festival “Umuganuro”. He specified that the history of the site appears on the secondary education program within the framework of the culture which characterized the Burundian ancestors. Lecturer Sadiki deplored that if nothing is done, tourist spots are on the way out. It will be a loss for the nation when those sites have so many things that interest the Burundian generation as part of the history of Burundi and contribute to the economic development of the country.