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Promotion of Burundian products at the 3rd edition of the Sino-African economic and trade exhibition


Jul 3, 2023

HUNAN July 3rd (ABP) – During the 3rd China-Africa Trade Economic Expo held in Changsha, the capital of China’s Hunan Province, entrepreneurs from China and the African continent discussed opportunities for collaboration to facilitate trade between the two parties.

As a check in China by Burundi News (ABP) noted, Burundi was represented by the Abahizi Filière Transparence Union (UAFIT), which deals with coffee promotion.

On the sidelines of that exhibition, exchanges between Chinese and African entrepreneurs were organized. According to UAFIT Chairman Lewis Ephraim Itangishaka, who participated in the exchanges, it was a matter of agreeing between the Chinese and African sides on the best methods to explore in order to facilitate trade between China and Africa.

Mr. Itangishaka indicated that on the Burundian side, there was talk of promoting Burundian coffee which, according to him, was highly appreciated by the Chinese side.

He also said that the Burundian side had the opportunity to promote other products that are very popular in China, namely tea, pepper and avocado.

Mr. Itangishaka explained that the Chinese entrepreneurs had agreed to buy the coffee directly from Burundi without going through any intermediary. This is when Burundian coffee was sold on the Mombasa market through other intermediaries. Its value is undervalued to the chagrin of Burundians. The government has recommended no longer go through intermediaries, he underlined.

The chairperson of UAFIT also informed that contacts have been established with Chinese companies that would export products that are sorely lacking in Burundi, and trade facilitation was discussed. Other entrepreneurs have been interested in the opportunity to come and invest in Burundi, by creating processing industries on site.

                                                                UAFIT Chairman Lewis Ephraim Itangishaka

The entrepreneurs who felt interested are those in the manufacturing industry, mobile telephony and pneumatics.

Mr. Itangishaka ended his remarks by specifying that the UAFIT will be engaged so that the establishments are facilitated within the Burundi Development Authority.

Avenues for twinning between the regions of Burundi and those of China specializing in one or the other economic activity have been explored, Mr. Itangishaka continued to say.

Noted that the province of Hunan, birthplace of the founder of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Mao Zedong (born in Changsha), where the exhibition was held, is a very important economic and commercial area of China. Hunan is well ranked in China in steel production, construction equipment, hydropower, real estate, agribusiness. This was revealed during the exhibition, an opportunity for the development of Africa, through trade between China and Africa.