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Trip by the general secretary of the CNDD-FDD party to Cankuzo and Makamba provinces


Jun 29, 2023

CANKUZO/MAKAMBA June 29th (ABP) – CNDD-FDD Party Secretary General Révérien Ndikuriyo visited the Cankuzo and Makamba provinces on June 26 and 27, 2023.

In Cankuzo province (East of the country), Mr. Ndikuriyo visited the zones of Cendajuru and Gisagara communes to see the results of the lessons that were given to more than 100 activists, on patriotism and ethics of the said party.

In his speech, Ruling Party Secretary General Révérien Ndikuriyo recalled that the country has known so many leaders since Ntare Rushatsi despite the policy of division applied by the colonizers. Now that the country has overcome the hard times of colonization and wars, he called on the activists of the said party, in particular, and the entire population, in general, to be always vigilant in keeping peace and tightening security, while taking advantage of it to go about self-development work. He also sensitized them on the family planning, the importance of school, the fight against unwanted pregnancies and on the behavior worthy of a true citizen.

Mr. Ndikuriyo did not fail to sensitize the activists of that party and the whole population to save their money in banks and micro-finance and to be good family leaders while avoiding wasting the harvest.

In Makamba province (south of the country), the Secretary General of the CNDD-FDD party, Mr. Révérien Ndikuriyo visited four new zones of that province.

In his speech, Mr. Ndikuriyo invited the members of that party to know the history of Burundi to better build the country. He asked them to have a global vision of both family and community development. Mr. Ndikuriyo recommended them to grow the trees and continue to protect the environment in every way.

The general secretary of the CNDD-FDD party advised people to consider using mobile phones and bank transfers in commercial transactions.