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A DNA test, the only sure way to eradicate the qualifier of unknown father


Jun 19, 2023

BUJUMBURA June 19th (ABP) – The deputy national director of Youth Solidarity for Peace and Childhood (SOJEPAE-Burundi), Mr. David Ninganza indicated, during a three-day workshop organized in Bujumbura by the National network of young people living with HIV/AIDS (RNJ+) in order to advocate for young girls who are victims of unwanted pregnancies during school reintegration, that being born to unknown fathers is not the fault of the children.

According to Mr. Ninganza, the responsibility is assigned to the government on the one hand and the community on the other hand. There has been a big problem in the search for paternity in recent days, he added.

For Mr. Ninganza, it is a shame to see children of unknown fathers. According to him, it’s high time to introduce a DNA test in all health districts and at an affordable price to facilitate families to identify the perpetrators of unwanted pregnancies. This is the only sure way to no longer declare certain children of unknown fathers, he underlined.

The consultant-educator of the Bafashebige coalition, Mr. Cassier Gashirahamwe corroborated the message delivered by Mr. Ninganza.

For him, there are even senior officials responsible for the pregnancies but who are afraid of being dismissed and punished with penal servitude. In this case, they do everything possible so that pregnancies are attributed to student friends who do not have the capacity to refuse, without forgetting that they are punished only by school regulations.

Burundian justice should meticulously deal with the files related to unwanted pregnancies in schools and punish the perpetrators in accordance with the law without any distinction, Woman Lawyer Kelly Remesha added.